V-Tracker optimizes the performance and workflow processes of volunteer organizations by providing ... 

A Real Time Scheduler that allows campaign coordinators to track

individual volunteer commitments and activities by precincts, districts

or special events.

Four lightning-fast communications components on the scheduler

provide coordinators and/or district managers with VOIP, SMS and

email tools to contact large or small groups of volunteers, donors

or field staff.  

A password protected portal on organization's website displays events populated in real time by volunteers, managers and field staff. Portal also displays the availability of individual volunteers. Note: Portal is password protected with role-based logins for tiered levels of security for volunteers,  supervisors and managers.

Online web page for each volunteer not only documents work history, training, skills and feedback, but web pages also have back links to the organization's scheduling application, allowing volunteers to update their own availability calendar for any event or time period.  ​

Volunteers are the lifeblood

of any organization. 

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V-Tracker ensures that the best and brightest volunteers remain cultivated, motivated and engaged from one year to the next.

Whether the organization is a non-profit or for-profit, motivated volunteers are vital to the success of any organization and its mission.  ​V-Tracker is an ideal complement to any suite of software solutions for political campaigns, non-profits, sports tournaments, healthcare organizations or any charitable giving entity.  V-Tracker can stand alone or extend existing software functionality in new ways by providing web-based tools for volunteer tracking, scheduling, self-scheduling, instant communication and detailed documentation of volunteer training, work history, skills and supervisor feedback.  Not only does V-Tracker support a committed volunteer base, it also provides the tools for organizers to evaluate and qualify their most valued resource, the volunteer.  

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Just as the robust features of Harbor Watch schedule, track and communicate with individual longshoremen, 

V-Tracker is similarly used to schedule, track and communicate with individual volunteers,

field reps, donors and sponsors. 

Political Campaigns, Golf Tournaments, Non-Profits, Healthcare Organizations