Rapid Dispatch 2.0 provides elegantly simple, cost-effective, 21st-century solutions that streamline day-to-day scheduling, communication and data archiving practices for labor organizations or any business that needs a robust, easy-to-learn scheduling application.  Our cloud-based application delivers the following features and benefits:

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  • Workers watch jobs scheduled live on user's mobile responsive website

  • 100% web based; no software installation

  • No data loss if local computer crashes

  • No power? No Internet? Schedule w/laptop and mobile hot spot

  • Contacts workers 4 ways about emergencies or job alerts

  • No costly IT support for software maintenance

  • Triple redundant cloud back-up; on-site storage

  • Reduces scheduling calls by 90%

  • Reduces scheduling document storage by 100% 

  • Real-time scheduled backup with 5 data archives

  • One-touch text messaging for one or multiple members

  • Workers' job and text message history displayed on personal web page

  • Builds and organizes Labor Orders which can be sent from employer to scheduling application.

  • Daily Dispatch Orders promote security. Color photos of members or workers.

  • Dispatch Orders link unique Labor Order number to member ID Number