• Members watch jobs scheduled live on their Local’s Mobile Responsive WebsiteText Ticker at top of website displays up to minute info from Local.

  • Custom reports and document storage for Member Web Pages w/Jobs and SMS Message History. Member Work History Calendar, Dispatch Orders by Employer

  • Remote Hiring allows members to shape up by cell phone if they travel long  distances, thru tunnels or on toll roads. Schedule confirmed by SMS to member and documented on member web page.   

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Harbor Watch provides industry specific benefits for ILA Locals and their Employers.

  • 100% web based; no software installation
  • No data loss if local computer crashes
  • No power? No Internet? Schedule w/laptop and mobile hot spot
  • No costly IT support for software maintenance`
  • Triple redundant cloud back-up; on-site storage
  • Reduces dispatcher calls by 90%
  • Reduces hard-copy scheduling storage by 100% 
  • One-touch text messaging/one or multiple members
  • Dispatch Orders link unique Labor Order number to ILA member Port ID Number.
  • More cost-effective, 21st-century solutions provided in Harbor Watch:
Harbor Watch provides cost-effective, 21st-century solutions that streamline each ILA Local’s day-to-day scheduling, communication and data archiving practices.  To learn more about the features and benefits provided in our scheduling applications, click hyperlink in ​each section below to see PDF exhibits from our LIVE applications.​ 

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