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Rapid Dispatch 2.0

Scheduling, Dispatching and Communications for labor unions, business and industry,

Harbor Watch

A Maritime Information System built, tested and perfected for the Int'l Longshoremen

"Harbor Watch is a great product; great service... everyone loves it.  Just wish it was around 34 years ago when I first started."
JN - ILA Local 1771, Charleston SC

Dispatch Dynamics is a Charleston, South Carolina company providing SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions to the maritime industry. DDI's flagship product, Harbor Watch, a Maritime Information System, was built in direct response to an appeal from the leadership of the International Long-shoremen's Association (ILA).

After twelve months of intense R&D, Harbor Watch (Rapid Dispatch) went "live" in 2012 at ILA Local 1771 in Charleston, SC.  Since the initial launch ,DDI's scheduling software has had zero down time in Charleston or any of its other installations.  

Due to the elegant simplicity of its programming, Harbor Watch can easily be reconfigured and re-branded for any line of business that deploys a mobile workforce in single or multiple locations.


  • Is web-based, robust and scalable
  • Requires no additional hardware or software. 
  • User-friendly, interactive and mobile-responsive
  • Data is table-driven with no hard coding
  • Designed for users with little or no computer experience
  • Five SMS functions instantly contact members/employees
  • Remote hiring and dispatching can be done on laptop or a mobile phone
  • Functions can be changed "on the fly" by a credentialed user 
  • Applications work seamlessly in multiple time-zones
  • Functions can be translated into most languages.
  • Interfaces easily with most payroll and time and attendance applications.

Today, Dispatch Dynamics' cloud-based software is providing 21st-century scheduling, dispatching and communication solutions for ILA Locals along the Atlantic Coast. Yet, even as Dispatch Dynamics footprint in the shipping industry continues to expand, DDI is tailoring other   applications to meet the scheduling needs of a variety of enterprises beyond the maritime industry; including skilled labor staffing, sports tournaments, political and non-profit organizations.

Each year, Dispatch Dynamics continues to enhance, improve and expand the functionality of its applications.  DDI's software exceeds all ILA requirements; so much that an ILA official called Harbor Watch “the gold standard” of the maritime industry.

Dispatch Dynamics, Inc. - provides Scheduling, Logistics & Communications solutions that  continue to drive business in the 21st century.

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